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Blue Water Innovations, LLC saw the need for improvement in the above ground venting products that are being used across the country. Primarily, metal vents are what have been utilized because no other options have been available. However, we have developed a LLDPE plastic street vent that is cost efficient and more effective than metal street vents.



Towns and municipalities have the following problems with metal vents:


Metal vents corrode at a high rate when exposed to sodium chloride (salt), magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate and/or potassium acetate used to de-ice streets or sidewalks.


Metal vents require seasonal maintenance. Whether that be painting, wrapping for frost prevention, or total replacement. 

This takes a lot of manpower and is very costly.



Metal vents can be a safety hazard to both public works employees and the general public. 

Metal vents are heavy and cumbersome to install or replace.

Metal vents are also a liability for drivers who unintentionally crash into them.

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  • Air Flow Control Cap

  • Lightweight & Durable LLDPE Plastic

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Easy Installation

  • Molded Branding Area

  • Compatible With Standard Vent Pipes

  • 24 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen

  • UV Resistant

  • Safer Than Metal



The patented quick change air flow vent cap can be easily turned by hand to a fully closed or open position, to regulate air flow.  This provides limited frost exposure to the vent pipe and air valve in winter months yet allowing air flow to still escape through the vent.

The 24 mesh stainless steel screen prevents insects from building nests and to eliminate possible debris to enter the vent riser.

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The Husky Residential Street Vent is easy to install with it's 150psi flange bolt hole pattern base and a 6" inlet opening compatible with standard vent pipes.  Weighing a total of 13.5 pounds it can be safely bolted in place onto a concrete venting riser slab without the need of cranes or multiple workers.


Made of Linear Low Density Polyethylene(LLDPE) it is lightweight and strong, able to absorb impacts without damage. Using LLDPE also gives it UV and corrosion protection throughout the whole thickness of both the cap and body of the vent. This eliminates rust corrosion penetrating under a painted or coated surface due to a scratch or dent. 

With a melting point of 340° F/ 171° C the Husky Street Vent can be placed in areas of wilderness overgrowth having the possibility of flash fire burn offs with no damage to the structure material.




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Brochure PDF Format

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Municipal Drawings PDF Format

Husky Street Vent Drawing.jpg

Husky Vent Drawing PDF Format

(Available in CAD upon request)

Video of vent in a overgrown ditch burn off

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